Solo Ads! Why And How To Run Them!

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Solo Ads! Why And How To Run Them!

What are solo ads and how to run them to drive unlimited traffic?

The first few years of any online business are quite tough. You will remain on the sidelines for many years, but here is a possible way that can help your business to bring more website traffic. You must have heard about solo ads that are an email marketing campaign – target your specific audience. Here you buy or rent email lists from someone else in your niche or industry to send the promotional emails to the targeted audience. Reaching out to the individuals is quite difficult, so here you go for comprehensive email lists to send targeted marketing emails.

How do solo ads work?

In the case of solo ads, users to whom you send your emails will see the promotions only. They will only receive the messages that are related to your offers, products, or services without any additional attachments. This way the subscribers will not be distracted and will be only focused on your message. When someone in your niche builds up email data, then they might become Solo Ads Vendor and start selling ”clicks”(When a user clicks on your link). You pay for their services, a number of clicks, and in return, they send the promotional emails to the targeted subscribers.

  •       Create a subject line and ad

Depending on the industry, you can write the subject line and the ad for your emails. Typically, the email list owner writes the subject line and ads. It can save your time and money but before running the ads make sure to discuss with the email list owner to run the solo ads.

  •       Talk with the email list owner

Before running your ad campaigns, make sure to communicate properly with its owner.

– Are they responsive?

– Do you feel relaxed working with them?

If you are not comfortable working with them, then there is no need to waste your time and money.

  •       Test the list

Don’t forget to test the email list before starting the campaign. There is no need to test the entire list, you can only check the fewer ones to lower the risk.

  •       Contact people that you are already following

If you are already following someone in your industry, then you can contact them to run the solo ads in your market.

  •       Do check the market

Every market is not suitable for solo ads. Usually, health, finance, internet marketing, and personal development markets are appropriate to run solo ads.

  •       Do check your click goals

Some niches get more clicks. The more advanced niches get fewer clicks. The bigger the market is, the more clicks you are going to get. Similarly, specialty niches will not bring more clicks for you. I highly recommend you to use ClickMagic. The best program to verify and make sure you get real clicks.

  •       CPM vs CPC

You also need to consider how the solo ads seller is charging you. Usually, a solo ads vendor charge you by cost per click (CPC) and some by cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Before purchasing, you need to think about the goals for your ad campaigns, but keep that in mind that CPM will not promise you the specific click-through rate.

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