Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads

Gone are the day of spending countless, exhausting hours setting up
carefully constructed pay per click marketing only to discover that
all of your ads were pulled without notice, and apparently without

PPC (pay per click) marketing is a high-speed strategy for getting
your advertisements in front of your targeted market quickly,
however with the risks involved with Google pulling the rug out from
under countless marketers by pausing
their ads or worse, BANNING their
accounts without notice, it’s become
evident that anyone serious about
maximizing exposure for their
advertisements while retaining FULL
control over your promotions needs to look for an alternative

Facebook is currently used by millions of users who log into their
accounts every day to communicate with friends and family, to
network with businesses and to post updates on their personal and
business lives.

It’s one of the fastest growing sites online, with over 400 million
user-created accounts and receives a greater number of page views
every month then even Google!

With this mass exposure and incredible outreach, Facebook has
quickly become the leading contender in the paid advertising scene,
giving anyone serious about marketing their business the
opportunity to tap into their target audience quickly, easily and most
impressively – CHEAP.

In comparison with traditional pay per click marketing, the actual
costs to advertise on Facebook are well below industry standard,
PLUS even more importantly perhaps, Facebook actually has fewer
advertisers then Adwords or other PPC marketplaces.

That means that you have less competition to worry about and
will be able to reach your target customers faster, easier and at a
lower cost than with any other advertising network.

How Facebook Advertising Works
With Facebook, their advertising channels are based on DISPLAY
rather than per SEARCH.

What this means is that instead of users
having to enter in specific search terms or
keywords, your advertisements will be
trigger to appear based on the page content
that the user is reading.

Another factor that plays a part in the
advertisements that are shown to Facebook
users are based on whether they “vote” for current advertisements.

You see, with every advertisement featured within the Facebook
network, there is a ‘thumbs up’ icon that appears below the
advertisement that allows someone viewing the ad to ‘vote’ for it.

If someone votes for an advertisement, it indicates to Facebook that
they should display additional advertisements of the SAME kind
(based on category, keywords and overall relevancy), ensuring the
best experience possible for Facebook members.

As a Facebook advertiser, you will also be able to promote your
products and services using images, a feature that is not usually
available within traditional PPC marketing.

Images are an incredible asset in maximizing conversion rates
because you can tailor the images used in your ads to push the
“right buttons” or pull at emotional triggers that you know will have
an impact on your average customer.

For example, if you were placing an advertisement that offered a
teeth whitening kit, you could place a simple image of a “before”
and “after” that offers the reader with a visual aid that leaves an
incredible impression.

Images can ultimately be one of the LEADING motivators in getting
targeted customers to click through your advertisements and
explore your offer.

So, how can you start exploiting the popularity and massive
outreach of the Facebook network to gain maximum exposure for
your business?

Here are a few tips to help you get started:
Target Your Advertisements
You want your entire advertisement to be heavily targeted towards
your average customer.

This includes any images that are featured within your ads as well
as the advertising text that is featured below the image.

With Facebook, you are able to set up a
very targeted advertisement, including
targeting specific age groups, locations,
education levels, what people have
indicated that they are interested in based
on their profile summary, and can even
target primarily men or women.

The more carefully you create highly targeted advertisements, the
better your ads will perform, so make sure you spend a bit of time
crafting your ads so that they effectively target your customer base.

Facebook wants to maintain a user-friendly community and in order
to do this they are very strict with the types of advertisements that
are allowed to be circulated throughout their network.
This means that you cannot use slang; improper grammar and you
must refrain from using any images or text that could be considered

Don’t look at these guidelines as a downside to using Facebook but
instead, consider how this quality control will HELP you create higher
converting advertisements that are genuinely targeted to your
customer base.

Keep An Eye On Your CTR
CTR which stands for Click Through Rate and you want to keep an
eye on how well your advertisements are performing.
Your ads should never go below 2%, and if you notice that an
advertisement is starting to fall below that level, you will want to
tweak your advertisement and reconsider who your advertisement is
targeted to.

Are you asking the right questions in your advertisement? Using the
right image?
Make sure that you spend time evaluating the effectiveness of your
advertisement to generate maximum conversion rates and avoid
having your advertisements paused or removed.

Choose The Appropriate Time To Run Your Ads
You can choose to run your advertisements continuously throughout
the day or based on specific start and end dates. You will want to
run your advertisements throughout the day continuously, unless
you need to pause it for a specific reason such as if you are going
away on holiday, or you find that specific times of the day are
converting better (based on the locations you are interested in

Set A Reasonable Maximum Bid
You will want to set a maximum daily bid that you are comfortable
with and fits within your budget.
Facebook will provide a suggested maximum
bid based on the content of your
advertisement and your targeting

Consider setting your maximum bid slightly
lower than Facebook’s recommended
minimum and adjust it as you need to based
on your advertisements conversion rates and overall exposure.

Choose CPC Over Impressions
You can also choose to pay for impressions or per click. It’s always
best to choose CPC (cost per click) for the most part, especially
during your testing phase. You can always change this later on if
you need to.

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